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Alcoholics Anonymous World Services: www.aa.org

Service manual 12 concepts imageA.A. Service Manual

2021-2023 Edition

  • overview of the history of A.A. services
  • explains the General Service Conference structure and its year-round importance.
  • chapters cover the roles of GSRs, DCMs, delegates, directors and trustees, as well as what happens at GSO and Grapevine.

The Twelve Concepts for World Service, written by A.A. co-founder Bill W., are an interpretation of A.A.’s world service structure as it emerged through A.A.’s early history and experience.

General Service Conference-approved.

EN_Circles of Love and Service_PamphletStructure of Alcoholics Anonymous 


New Jersey Young People in AA


Our Local Offices & Intergroups in A.A.

South Jersey Intergroup Assc.
Cherry Hill, NEW JERSEY
24 Hr Hotline: (856)486-4444
Business: (856)486-4446
Site: https://aasj.org

Central Jersey Intergroup
Bordentown, NEW JERSEY

Hotline: (609)586-6902
Site: https://cjiaa.org
24 Hr Phone: (973)824-0555
Site: https://www.oficinaintergrupaldeaanj.org
Intergroup Of Northern N.J.
24 Hr Toll Free: (800)245-1377
Main: (908)687-8566
Site: https://nnjaa.org/intergroup/index.html

NJ Service Areas

Area 45: Southern New Jersey
Site: www.area45snjaa.org
Area 44: Northern New Jersey
Site: www.nnjaa.org

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