Panel and Committee Members

2022-2023 Panel

Panel Position Name Email
Chairperson Dawn I.
Vice Chairperson OPEN
Recording Secretary Elizzabeth C.
Corresponding Secretary Amber
Treasurer Ray B.
Assistant Treasurer Jess G.
Trustee Susie R.


Committee Position Name Email
Access Coordinator Nicholas B.
Archives Chair Donna
Audit Committee OPEN
Budget & Finance Chair Elizzabeth C.
Hospitality Chair Karen P. 
Hospitals/Institutions Chair Marcine R.
Literature Chair Chuck H. 
Newsletter Chair OPEN 
Office Manager Eve C. 
Phone Chair Carolyn M. 
PI/CPC Chair Rob H.
Policy & Structure Chair OPEN 
Round Up Chair Janna
Technology Chair Christian G.
Trustee Chair Susie R.
Unity Chair Mike F.
Website Chair Carolyn M. 
Workshop Chair Buddy T.

Please reach out to these individuals with any questions, or to find out how you can be helpful to each of them in their duties and responsibilities.

Monthly Intergroup Meetings…… Explained
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Steering Committee Meeting

The Intergroup Panel team meets monthly, on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month. This meeting is Hybrid and called “Steering Committee Meeting.

At this meeting, the committees gather and provide updates on their areas of service….in preparation for their reports at the Business Meeting.

Intergroup Business Meeting

The purpose of the Intergroup Business Meeting is to update and inform all the AA Groups served by the Intergroup.

Most Groups send an Intergroup Representative to the meetings as a “reporter’ bringing back the news to their homegroup. The Intergroup Business Meeting is held the 3rd Wednesday of the Month. This meeting is also Hybrid.

click here to learn more about attending these meetings.