H & I Commitments – Meetings at Hospitals & Institutions

What are H & I Commitments?

AA Groups make a monthly commitment to bring a meeting to people new to recovery.

These meetings are held at selected Hospitals and Institutions (abbreviation H & I). Recovery centers and Detox Centers in the southern New Jersey area served by Cape Atlantic Intergroup in our work to help the next struggling alcoholic.

Where..when are the Meetings?

Below is a list of the institutions that AA Groups have committed to visit and provide an AA Meeting for a specific month. 

Click below for each monthly schedule that lists the name of the AA Groups the date/time of the meeting at the hospital or institution. Please note that these facilities may not open their meeting to the public; it is mean to help their clients only.

Information for Volunteers Taking a Meeting

First, thank you for volunteering to take an H & I Commitment and being in service. You will need to bring the meeting materials provided to you in a folder. 

  • Forgot your folder?  Click Here to access a copy of the readings and format documents.
  • Introduce the newcomer to the documents below. Please consider bringing copies  you for meeting attendees.

For more information, about how your AA Group can take a Service Commitment, please contact the H&I Chair: 

Marcine R: HIChair@capeatlanticaa.org