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Box 4-5-9

A useful source for A.A. news, Box 4-5-9 is a quarterly newsletter from the U.S./Canada General Service Office. CLICK HERE

Sharing from Behind the Walls

The Corrections desk publishes the newsletter Sharing from Behind the Walls quarterly.  It contains excerpts from inmate letters sent to G.S.O. which are reprinted with the inmates’ permission. These newsletters are for distribution to inmates involved in A.A. in correctional facilities. CLICK HERE

About A.A.

About A.A. is the newsletter from the General Service Office for professionals who work with alcoholics. This includes professionals in the fields of healthcare, law, corrections and clergy. You can expect one to three issues each year. CLICK HERE

GSO (General Service Office) Board Report

Activities of the General Service Board Including A.A. World Services, Inc., CLICK HERE

Grapevine quote of the day. CLICK HERE

AA Daily Reflection quote of the day. CLICK HERE

The Cape Atlantic Intergroup publishes a newsletter called Pass It On. Below you can view the most recent copy and prior issues are available via the link at the bottom of this page. See below to submit an item to our newsletter or to get involved on the committee.

You can submit to the CAIG Newsletter your ideas for the NL. Here are some topic ideas:

How you worked a specific step * A favorite AA Slogan and how it’s helped you

A funny story about your recovery * How you got your first “service position” 

Something your Sponsor said that impacted you.

Have something to share? Get involved in the Newsletter by contacting the Newsletter Committee:

Newsletter Committee:

Past Issues

Available below are past issues of our CAIG Newsletter.

Newsletter Archive:

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