Our Intergroup Representatives

The Role of Intergroup Representatives

Each of the 140 groups in the geographic area of CAIG, can elect an Intergroup Representative (IGR)  - a member participating, discussing and voting on Intergroup matters.

Our Intergroup Reps provide a vital role in keeping members of their Group informed about information regarding AA as a whole, and specific to the Cape Atlantic region of AA.

Participation at the Business Meeting

Through the IGRs, the Intergroup Steering Panel learns of the needs/issues of the Group and the Group learns of the needs/issues before the Intergroup.

The IGR takes issues dis­cussed at the Intergroup Business Meeting back to the Group and keeps the group informed of the service work performed by the Intergroup Committees.

When: 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 7:30pm.

Where: 1418 New Rd, Suite 4, Northfield NJ 08225.

Attendance at this meeting is also available via Zoom. ID 164 233 922

Structure of the Intergroup

Intergroup is structured to allow all Groups to play a role in the administration of local A.A. matters. Intergroup Representatives (IGRs) participate in the election of the Intergroup Steering Panel volunteers.

These Intergroup service positions are held by members for a term of two years.

Elections for the next Steering Panel will be in November, 2023.

H & I Commitments

One of their key roles at the meeting, is to take H & I Commitments for their group - we bring a meeting to the next sick and suffering alcoholic at local recovery facilities.  Learn More

How to become an Intergroup Rep

Every Group should elect a representative as their Intergroup Rep; this is typically done at the Group Business Meeting.

Once designated, the member should review the Intergroup Rep Kit and attend the next Intergroup Business Meeting held the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Email the Intergroup Office Manager with any questions: OfficeMgr@capeatlanticaa.org

New Rep Kit/Documents

Below are documents for all new Intergroup Representatives:


12 Traditions

Roberts Rules

CAIG ByLaws_4202022

AA World Service Manual

Attendance Log-in

Anyone attending the Business Meeting should log in to receive reports and meeting minutes.

Please use this form:



Standard Meeting Agenda

The format of the meeting is to take attendance, hear Panel and Committee reports and then open the meeting for discussion.

Here is a copy of the generic meeting agenda: LINK FORM HERE

Business Meeting Minutes

Visit this page to view prior Business Meeting Minutes