Service Opportunities

Being in service to others, can change you and help keep you sober.

Below are service opportunities at the GROUP and INTERGROUP level

Group Level Volunteer Positions

Stackable chairs for multifunctional spaces - SellexHelp out at your Meeting

Click Here  to view a list of all the service opportunities you can find at a group. Attend the group business meeting to learn more about their needs for volunteers. Each group can appoint a member to be their GSR, to keep the group informed about happenings in AA.

Bring a Meeting to a Recovery Center

A.A Groups take monthly commitment call “H & I Commitments“and bring a meetings into the recovery centers in our service area. Ask at your group business meeting if they are taking these commitments or about other outreach efforts. Contact: Marcine R.

Intergroup Representative
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The service provided by our Intergroup Reps is vital to keeping all groups and members updated and informed about AA as a whole, and specific to the Cape Atlantic region of AA. They are superheroes of service. Please come out to the monthly meeting if you are interested!  This meeting is HYBRID. 

Group Archives Assistance

Help document the AA history for your meeting and your group members. Discuss this at your business meeting and complete this group history FORM.

Intergroup Level Volunteer Positions

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Panel & Committee Positions:

Financial, Public Relations, Literature, Hotline, Workshops and other Events are service provided by Intergroup and managed by the volunteer Panel Members and the Committee Chairs.

These positions serve a two year term. The team meets monthly to discuss their area of service and to prepare report to inform all AA Members via the monthly Intergroup Business meeting.

You can get involved in Intergroup by serving as the Chair or as a member of these service areas. that are currently in need of support.

Audit-Committee Job Duties
Policy-Structure-Chair Job Duties
Vice Chairperson Job Duties

Click here for more info about attending our Steering and Business meeting.

Event Volunteers

Throughout the year, Intergroup hosts many events and always needs support. Consider getting involved in any of these committees. Click below to email the chair.

Mike F. Unity Chair Email link 

Buddy T. Workshop Chair Email Link

Mike at:  CAYPAA Chair Email Link

Answer Hotline Calls

The 2022 Intergroup Hotline is an automated phone answering system that routes incoming calls directly to the personal phones of volunteers. We help callers find meetings and other resources.

Two people cover each of the 2 hour times slots. 

 Open Time SlotsClick Here

Instructions for Volunteers – Click here

Form to join the Hotline Team – Click Here

Join the 12 Step Call List

This list is a collection of information about members who are willing to respond to the person who has called AA for help—day or night. These members believe it is very important to give back what was so freely given to them. When someone calls our Hotline and needs a call back from someone in recovery…we go to this list.

How it works: When a calls comes in, you would receive the name and phone number of the person who needs help in your area. Men are assigned to men and women to women. You would call back and start the ball rolling from there.

Privacy: The hotline will give you the phone number of the caller: Your number will NEVER be given to the crisis caller.  

Complete the form to Sign Up to Volunteer  – Click here

Willingness to help a human being suffering from our disease is the most essential ingredient. It’s also suggested that you have at least one year of sobriety.