Our Intergroup Representatives

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What is an Intergroup Rep?

Intergroup Reps act as “reporters” playing a key role in how other AA members are informed about what is going on in the Cape Atlantic Area and in Southern New Jersey; Area 45.

  1. They attend a monthly business meeting hosted by the CAIG service panel and committee members.
  2. They report events/news/information back to their Group at the business meeting for their Group.

The service provided by our Intergroup Reps is vital to keeping members informed about vital information regarding AA as a whole, and specific to the Cape Atlantic region of AA.

Attend the Monthly Business Meeting – (Hybrid Meeting)

The meeting is held the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm

157 Shore Road, Somers Point, Christ Episcopal Church.

Join the meeting via ZOOM:  Zoom. ID 164 233 922

How to Become an Intergroup Rep

At your group’s next monthly business meeting, find out if they are in need of an Intergroup Representative.