Steering Panel and Committee Chairs

What is an Intergroup Steering Panel?

They are volunteers in service positions, that are elected by the body
(Intergroup Reps vote these members into office.)

~ ~ ~

They "steer" the activities and operations of business for the Intergroup.

~ ~ ~

They oversee the administrative, financial and procedure guidelines as outlined in the Bylaws of the Intergroup.

~ ~ ~

The Steering Panel Officers serve a two year term
~ ~ ~
A new Steering Panel will be elected by the body in November of 2023.



Steering Panel

Job Descriptions













Job Descriptions










Hybrid Business Meetings

The panel meets monthly  -this is called the Steering Committee meeting.

The meeting is attended primarily by the Intergroup Committee Chairpersons for the purpose of assembling reports that will be presented at the Intergroup Business meeting.

Open Attendance

Any A.A. Member can attend the Intergroup business meetings. They are held at the office and broadcast online, to encourage members to learn more about service and participate in the work of our volunteers.

 CLICK HERE to view the meetings for the Steering Panel and the Committees.