Participate in AA

Intergroup Service Committees

Intergroup provides services/events for the benefit of the Groups in our region. These Committee rely on volunteers to help support our efforts.
  • Unity Committee

    The Unity Committee organizes and hosts all the Intergroup social events for the purposes of fellowship and fundraising. Events include the Annual Picnic, Unity Breakfast/Speaker, New Year's Eve Celebration. This committee is always looking for members to help plan these fun events. Email the Chairperson at:

  • Hotline

    The CAIG Hotline volunteers answer calls for two hour shifts on a set time and day of the week. Calls are for information about meetings and for help understanding AA as a tool for recovery. Visit this page to learn more about this service and how you can participate: CLICK HERE

  • CAYPPA Events

    Cape Atlantic Young People is a committee that hosts social events focused on the fellowship of members who obtained sobriety at an early age. "Resentment Bonfire on the Beach", Comedy Nights, Karoke and other seasonal holidays are planned through the year and need volunteers.   To learn more about participating, email the CAYPPA Chairperson:

  • Public Information Committee

    The goal of this committee is to create an understanding of AA in the community. Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) provides information to professional groups including clergy, lawyers, educators, and law enforcement. The committee may present seminars and workshops or other educational activities that assists the professional community in understanding A.A. Email the Chairperson to get involved:

  • H & I  Committee

    The H & I Committee cooperates with many area institutions by arranging meetings in prisons, hospitals, and treatment facilities. Help is needed to maintain and foster new relationships with recovery facilities in our area as well as assist Groups and Members who bring meetings to these locations. Email the Chairperson to learn more:

  • Literature

    The Literature Committees ensure A.A. literature is available for A.A. groups, service meetings and other A.A. events including the Intergroup Recovery Roundup, Area 45 assemblies, conferences and outside events. Volunteers are needed to help with bringing the Literature to these events. Email the Chairperson to get involved:

  • Newsletter

    The Intergroup publishes a new publication that fosters fellowship, educates and informs our members. All members are encouraged to submit articles, jokes and ideas to the newsletter. Prior writing skills are not needed; just your experience, strength and hope. View current and prior newsletter issues - CLICK HERE. To get involved, contact the Chairperson

  • Recovery Roundup Event

    The committee plans a weekend recovery conference that requires many hand and talents to create. Visit the Roundup website to learn about attending their meet monthly online so you can get involved. CLICK HERE 

    12 Step Call List Volunteers

    These Volunteers are members with 1 year of sobriety, who are willing to respond to the person who has called AA for help. When someone calls our Hotline and needs a call back from someone in recovery…we go to this list.

    How it works: Volunteers receive the name and phone number of the person who needs help. Men are assigned to men and women to women. You would call back and start the ball rolling from there.

    Privacy: The hotline will give you the phone number of the caller: Your number will NEVER be given to the crisis caller.

    Complete the form to Sign Up to Volunteer  – CLICK HERE

Service at the Group & Meeting

In A.A., everything starts with the group -it's the basic building block of the entire Fellowship. All kinds of service work must be done and below are a few of the ways you can participate:

Coffee Position: Arrive before the meeting and make the coffee and help clean up after the meeting.

Greeter: Be the first to welcome members as they come into the meeting

Set Up/Clean Up: Help set up the room for the meeting and get it back in order when it's time to leave.

Meeting Chairperson: Lead the meeting by following the group format.

Literature Position: Keep the inventory of AA books, pamphlets and meeting lists.

Group Secretary: This position takes the minutes at the monthly business meeting.

Chip Person: Pass out chips and anniversary coins.

Group Treasurer: Organize and report the expenses and donations of the group.

General Service Rep. (G.S.R.): They attend district meetings and area assemblies, reporting key information our AA back to their group.

Intergroup Rep: They attend intergroup meetings and report back to the group on the Events, Workshops and other changes in the local area.

Bring a Meeting to Hospitals & Institutions: Many groups sign up to participate in bringing a monthly meeting to a local prison, hospital and recovery institutions.


AA Service Manual

The A.A. Service Manual opens with history of A.A. services, then explains the General Service Conference structure and its year-round importance. Chapters cover the roles of GSRs, DCMs, delegates, directors and trustees, as well as what happens at GSO and Grapevine.


AA Group Handbook

This handbook is for the Group to use in support of our primary purpose – to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.